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How to create an account on NAGAX?
How to create an account on NAGAX?

Learn how you can register an account with NAGAX

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Existing NAGA users:

If you have an existing NAGA account, you can simply use it to login to NAGAX. This will automatically create a NAGAX account for you upon your first login. To open an account on NAGAX as an existing NAGA user, simply go to and login with your NAGA account credentials (email or username and password). The first time you login, you will see a pop-up message that will prompt you to accept the NAGAX Terms & Conditions - please read them carefully.

Once you’ve accepted the T&Cs you will be able to enjoy your new NAGAX account.

New NAGAX users (not an existing user of NAGA):

👁️ Watch a video on how to open an account:

To open an account on NAGAX as a brand new user, simply go to and select the ‘Sign up’ option. Or press the button bellow:

Sign up process:

Step 1️⃣

  1. Fill in your country

  2. Fill in your phone number to which you have access and select the correct country code

  3. Press Continue to proceed to the next step

Step 2️⃣

  1. Fill in the OTP code sent to your phone via the SMS to verify your phone number and press Continue

Step 3️⃣ 🏁

  1. Fill in your first and last name

  2. Create your Username (unique username that will be shown on the platform and in the social news feed)

  3. Fill in your real email

  4. Create your NAGAX password (it has to have at least 8 characters, one upper character and one number)

Now that your account is ready, learn how to start using NAGAX and which features are available for you.

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