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Your ultimate NAGAX Feed guide
Your ultimate NAGAX Feed guide

NAGAX Feed is a great place to share your thoughts on crypto-markets, discuss your strategy. Learn how to make the best of NAGAX News Feed!

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👉 NAGAX Feed is a great place to share your 💬 thoughts on crypto-markets, 🗣 discuss your strategy or those interesting articles you’ve recently read. It’s a hub where you can meet other passionate crypto-heads and thrive in a vibrant community of newbies and experts, all in one place.

Now, let us give you a little tour, which will help you navigate and learn quicker, how to make the best of NAGAX News Feed!

NAGAX Global Feed:

The Global Feed is the main feed that shows you all the latest updates by other users. On top of it you can see the top stories/articles/announcements. Just slide through them to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Under the stories, you will see a field where you can share your own update. It can be a simple status update where you share your thoughts on certain assets, a link to an interesting article or a conversation-starter with another NAGAX user.


To boost your posts and to make sure those who you’re trying to target with your messages will receive a notification about it, you will want to use tags. Here are the types of tags available on NAGAX:

🟢 User tag:

To tag another user, write the symbol @ and a username and space. For example: @nagaxuser

🟢 Hashtag:

To tag a subject or join a hashtag, just write a hash symbol # and a word/phrase you want to tag, followed by space. For example: #bullish

🟢 Cashtag (asset tagging):

To tag an asset you are talking about in your post, write a dollar sign $ and an abbreviation of a symbol you mention, followed by space. For example: $BTC

👉 Sidebar menu:

Conveniently, we listed all important and most visited features on the left of your Global Feed. You will see there:

🔵 Feed - that’s your NAGAX Global Feed

🔵 Exchange - this is where you access the exchange

🔵 Crypto Wallet - yes, you guessed it, this is where you access your NAGAX Wallet

🔵 Messenger - coming soon

🔵 Academy - all the useful and educational materials are available right here! You can also register for upcoming webinars, watch market analysis, simple, educational videos and articles, and more!

🔵 NFT MarketPlace - coming soon

🔵 Staking - coming soon

🔵 Launchpad - coming soon

⚙️Profile Settings and Help:

If you click on your username in the right, top corner of your page, you will be able to access a menu that contains:

🔵 Profile - where you can access your user profile and feed

🔵 My Documents - where you can access all documents you shared

🔵 Settings - where you can change your account’s settings)

🔵 Help Center - where you can find all the useful articles and guides on how to use NAGAX, or contact the NAGAX support team

🔵 Logout - when you wish to close your session

🔵 Dark mode - where, by sliding the bar, you can activate or deactivate the dark mode


To the left of your name in the upper, right corner, you will see a small bell icon. When it will have a red dot on it, it means that there are new notifications you should check. Clicking on the individual notifications will immediately take you to the source of it.

The chat-bubble icon next to the bell icon, once available, will display all your new messenger notifications.

🧑‍💻User Profile/Feed

You can access your own user profile and feed by clicking on your username in the right, upper corner, and selecting ‘Profile’ from the drop-down menu.

Your profile is a place where you can share your updates, as described in the earlier sections of this article about the NAGAX Global Feed.

⚠️ Remember to setup your profile correctly

1. Add your profile picture

2. Write a short bio about yourself

3. Add your cover photo

4. Post your first update!

Please make sure to make yourself familiar with our NAGAX Community Guidelines, to ensure a safe and pleasant experience on the platform.

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