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How to deposit funds to NAGAX Wallet
How to deposit funds to NAGAX Wallet

Learn how to deposit crypto to NAGAX Wallet

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Depositing funds to NAGAX is pretty easy and straightforward. We offer over 20 different blockchains and over 100 cryptocurrencies and are expanding this list consistently.

👀 Watch a video on how to deposit funds to NAGAX Wallet

Or read the instruction:

1. Go to and login to your account

2. From the side-bar menu select Crypto Wallet

3. In order to be able to perform a transfer from another wallet, you will need to access your wallet address. To do that, click on the ‘Receive’ button on top of your wallet.

4. If that is the first time you are depositing crypto to NAGAX, you would need to generate your wallet address by clicking on the Generate Deposit Address button

5. You will then be able to copy your wallet’s address and view the QR code of your wallet address.

6. Don’t forget to select the correct cryptocurrency that you will be receiving. If you send crypto to the wrong address, your coins will be lost.

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