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What is NAGAX Wallet
What is NAGAX Wallet

Learn how to use NAGAX Wallet and how to use it

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What is NAGAX Wallet ❓

NAGAX Wallet is a multi-currency, secure cold-storage cryptocurrencies wallet integrated within the NAGAX Platform that allows you to access over 20 blockchain protocols and over 70 tradable tokens.

πŸ” Top Features You Need to Know:

πŸ”΄ 20 blockchain protocols
πŸ”΄ Protected from cyber attacks and internal collusions
πŸ”΄ Ability to save up to 90% on blockchain fees

Save on transaction fees

One of the major features of the wallet is that you can save up to 90% on Ethereum & Bitcoin transaction fees.

πŸ’΅ Buy Crypto Directly from the Wallet

You can buy, sell, HODL and store your assets - all in one place! You can even buy crypto using your πŸ’³ credit card by simply selecting the coin you would like to purchase, and then selecting the payment method you would like to use.

How many assets can I store on my NAGAX wallet?

As many as you want! Just pick and choose from the wide range of tokens on NAGAX.

Can I access and send my cryptos to another wallet or exchange?

Of course! NAGAX Wallet provides a seamless experience when it comes to any transaction. If you want to transfer your cryptos to another wallet or exchange, you just need to select that option in your NAGAX wallet and follow the simple steps presented on the screen.

πŸ”’ Is the NAGAX Wallet secure?

NAGAX Wallet is protected with a multi-layer technology that combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with hardware isolation.

Learn more about wallet security here.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and trading can result in the loss of your invested funds. Before investing you should be aware that cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for all investors. You should therefore carefully consider whether trading or holding digital assets is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and not invest money that you can not afford to lose.

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