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NAGAX Community Guidelines

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NAGAX Community Guidelines - Introduction

NAGAX, driven by the power of community, empowers its users and inclusively allows freedom of expression to all, encouraging them to not only communicate, learn and discover but also to take their new-found knowledge and use it in their crypto investment strategies.

Seeing that abuse of our service can lead to not only the loss of integrity in our own community but also material losses to users, we take it very seriously to ensure that no one misuses or abuses our community products and services. We have created a set of Community Standards that provide an overall outline on acceptable behaviors that define what users can and cannot do on NAGAX Feed.

Our policies are based on deep industry knowledge, best practices and even feedback from our community. Freedom of expression for all our users is invaluable to us so we have taken every measure to create policies that are inclusive and open-minded.

Our Commitment and Community values

The goal of our guidelines is to establish the common grounds for our community to be a place where anyone that’s interested in buying, selling, storing or trading cryptocurrencies share diverse views, experiences, ideas and information. We want the people in our crypto-driven community to openly discuss topics, issues, markets, news, trades, etc even if some may disagree or have opposite or alternative views.

Although our commitment is to provide these freedoms, we recognize that it also creates opportunities for abuse. When we limit expression, it is because we are adhering to one or more of our Community’s core values:

  • Integrity:
    We want to ensure that all the content on our Feed is genuine, honest and adheres to strong moral principles. We believe that a high level of integrity fosters an environment of trust and reliability between members who are looking to draw the benefits that come from the symbiotic relationship between the NAGAX ecosystem and its community.

  • Safety:
    We are committed to making NAGAX a safe place to trade, invest and connect. Any expressions or actions that can harm our users across any of these respects, is not allowed on NAGAX.

  • Privacy:
    NAGAX is committed to protecting personal privacy across all levels of personal information. Without privacy, users will not feel at liberty to share and connect with others and could lead to loss of trust. So, this is something we take very seriously at NAGAX.

  • Relevance: NAGAX is a vibrant community that is all-crypto at heart and all around. As such, we are committed to ensuring that conversations on NAGAX Feed remain relevant to the core purpose of our community, which is to be a source of collective and diverse information that can be used to enrich one's knowledge of the cryptocurrencies, markets, technical analysis, developments related to tokens, metaverse etc. and serves as a snapshot of trader and investment sentiment that can be applied to improve one’s investment approach, ability or skill set

The Community Guidelines that will be outlined in this section are a guide for what is and isn’t allowed on NAGAX. These standards together represent the spirit of the NAGAX community and define the behavioral guidelines for all users. These standards apply to all users without exception and are designed to be as comprehensive as possible. Consequences for violating our Terms and Conditions of Use and/or Community Standards may vary depending on the nature of the violation and its severity. NAGAX reserves the right to immediately remove any posts that are mentioned in the ‘You cannot’ sections of the Terms and Conditions of Use and/or Community Standards. Depending on the severity of the offense, NAGAX also reserves the right to block a user's account on Feed and/or edit/remove contents of users’ profiles (profile picture, cover photo, bio description, shared content on Global Feed) whenever community guidelines have been violated by the said user.

1. Improper and Dishonest Use of Aliases

NAGAX allows users to use aliases because we understand that pseudonyms used correctly are powerful tools that help people share thoughts and insights more freely. We allow the use of aliases because behind each user-alias an approved account which means that all users are verified and real individuals. The Improper use of aliases refers to (but is not limited to): Username, Profile Picture, Bio and Cover Photo.

Policy Rationale

We believe that people share and connect more freely under aliases. However, we recognise that this allows for different kinds of alias abuse that aims at misrepresentation for the purpose of furthering dishonest or even malicious agendas.

You Cannot:

  • You cannot create an alias or profile (including username, profile picture, bio description, cover photo) using another person's personal information, name, or photo

  • You cannot create inauthentic profiles by misusing aliases in order to impersonate others

  • You cannot have the name NAGAX in your alias this is strictly reserved for NAGAX employees and community managers

  • You cannot use a url as your alias

  • You can not use your (or someone else’s) crypto wallet address as your alias

  • You can not use your phone number, credit card number or any other personal data that could potentially risk bridge of your (or someone else’s) personal data

  • You cannot create an alias that assumes the persona of another person or entity in an effort to speak on that person or entity’s behalf

  • You cannot include profanity or any offensive/defamatory/abusive text, that could cause any harm/damage to other users, NAGAX employees or NAGAX at large in your username, profile picture, bio description or a cover photo

2. Misrepresentations and Inauthentic Behavior

In a crypto community where people are looking to learn from peers and experts and use new knowledge and insight in application, misrepresentations can have material damage to another’s capital. We believe that for any community to flourish it is imperative that there exists mutual respect between members of the community, and in our case, this mutual respect is to be extended between users and NAGAX itself.

Policy Rationale

Integrity will foster a connected community of higher caliber and professionalism creating a better environment for sharing and growth. To this end, we want users who use the community to be honest in their representations and genuine in their behavior.

You Cannot:

  • You cannot represent NAGAX in any capacity unless specifically and officially authorized to do so by the Company, in writing

  • You cannot represent competitor third-parties on NAGAX community products in attempts to harm the community or company at large and pull users away for your independent personal benefit

  • You cannot maintain multiple user accounts

  • You cannot share your account with any other person

  • You cannot create another NAGAX account after we’ve already blocked you from our community; Your account can be unblocked only once and after signing a relevant waiver ensuring future compliance with our Community Guidelines

3. Inappropriate or Objectionable Content

NAGAX promotes an environment that is friendly, respectful and professional. Content that is illegal, inappropriate, offensive or unsuitable for the purposes of maintaining a community of integrity is not allowed on NAGAX’s community products.

Policy Rationale

We believe the NAGAX community and its channels operate best when mutual respect and dignity are the cornerstones of all interactions. Without these key community characteristics, trust in our community products and credibility in our value proposition falters.

You Cannot:

You cannot post inappropriate and objectionable content on NAGAX Feed which might include, but is not limited to:

  • offensive content in the form of text, photos or videos

  • defamatory commentary and hate/racism speech

  • excessive profanity

  • overly sexual material of an explicit nature

  • portrayals of extreme violence or content that encourages violence

  • threatening and harassing content or content advocating criminal and antisocial behavior

  • extremist behavior

  • illegal activities content that infringes third party rights content that would otherwise be considered as a criminal or civil offense or illegal according to applicable laws or regulation or that infringes upon third party right, including proprietary or privacy rights.

4. Irrelevant or Misplaced Content

Relevance is defined by posts and sharing of information that is directly related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, markets, strategy, analysis, fundamentals, trading, investing, financial economic or political news relevant to the markets, opinions, insights or commentary that leads to conversations around crypto assets, markets,trading strategies or techniques, and investment practices or overall sentiment and sharing of experiences. This does not extend to troubleshooting how to use NAGAX products or reporting on issues that users may be experiencing. Content can be irrelevant to crypto/blockchain but relevant to the NAGAX ecosystem or community. Platform related issues, questions about how to use the NAGAX ecosystem and products, feedback, etc. should be addressed with our Support Team via

Irrelevant content is considered misplaced and may be removed after the author of the content is encouraged to contact support. Irrelevant or misplaced content, whether intentional or not, takes from the value and experience of the NAGAX community and will be removed or moderated depending on their nature.

Policy Rationale

We believe that the higher the relevance of content in our community the more value users derive from information and interactions within it. Content that is irrelevant or misplaced on the Feed, diverts away and dilutes away from the core purpose of the NAGAX community and its channels.

Irrelevant content is considered misplaced and may be removed after the author of the content is encouraged to contact support. Irrelevant or misplaced content, whether intentional or not, takes from the value and experience of the NAGAX community and will be removed or moderated depending on their nature.

You Cannot:

- You cannot post content that does not fall under the definition of relevant content, for example random pictures of animals that are in no capacity relevant to the cryptocurrency, blockchain etc.

- You cannot post irrelevant content to NAGAX community products that aim to detract from the value of the NAGAX Feed

- You cannot use the general Feed to post, share or comment on issues or troubleshooting on NAGAX products or to report on issues that you may be experiencing - this type of content should be addressed via email

5. Unauthorized use of Referral Links

In a community like NAGAX where we value freedom of expression and uninhibited interaction, it becomes easy for those looking to take advantage of these liberties and abuse them by maliciously posting links to unauthorized sites, portals, registration pages, etc, that are by no means tied to NAGAX, in an effort to harm the community, or worse, fraudulently take clients details and funds.

Policy Rationale

It takes momentum to drive both our growth and continuum. Abuse of the freedoms of NAGAX community interactions to essentially take from this growth and continuum results in harming both the community and the business of NAGAX , which affects the company’s long term sustainability.

You Cannot:

- You cannot post or share unauthorized referral links, unrelated content or competitor’s content to the NAGAX Feed for personal commercial gain,

- You cannot post or share unauthorized referral links to individual users’ profiles that directly infringe upon NAGAX’s rights as a ‘crypto-community’, crypto exchange and a business especially for any commercial gain.

- You cannot create illegal duplicates of the NAGAX site or social channels and misrepresent yourself as NAGAX and use fake referral links for fraudulent activities. These are serious infringements and will be reported to regulators and competent authorities, and further necessary legal action will be taken.

6. Violation of Privacy and Intellectual Property

Privacy and the protection of personal information are fundamentally important values for NAGAX. We do all that we can to ensure your account is secure and your personal information is safeguarded to protect you from potential identity theft or financial harm. You should never post personal or confidential information about yourself and/or others.

Policy Rationale

The NAGAX community is a place where opinions, commentary, insights, etc. are all valued and for a community made up of newbies and professionals at the level of experts, educators and leaders, it’s important that content is rightly attributed to avoid abuse that can materially damage users and to ultimately look up to these experts for learning and their own development as traders and investors. We also take intellectual property rights seriously and so we ask that all users respect people’s copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights. Exchanging personal details between users could lead to endangering users’ privacy and even funds. We protect our users by not allowing it and by monitoring all activity on NAGAX Feed.

You Cannot:

- You cannot divulge personal information about users that violate their privacy as individuals.

- You cannot obtain and/or use by any means (automated or not) personal information, or intellectual property of others.

- You cannot share your own personal information (that includes but is not limited to: email, full name, credit card details, phone number, crypto wallet address, passwords etc.)

- You cannot post links and invite users to unofficial Social Media groups that are not run by NAGAX or officially approved by NAGAX

7. Spamming

NAGA does not welcome the spread of spam because we do not allow content that is designed to deceive, or that tries to mislead users. Spam is defined as irrelevant or unsolicited messages for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc

Policy Rationale

NAGAX prides itself in fostering a highly relevant and valuable user experience. Spam on the other hand has the opposite desired effect. Spam content creates a negative user experience and detracts from people's ability to engage authentically in our community.

You Cannot:

- You cannot post, like or comment at very high frequencies or engage in any related activity that would purposefully disrupt NAGAX Feed

- You cannot encourage likes, shares, follows, clicks, or the use of third party apps or websites under false pretenses, directing users off of NAGAX through the deceptive or misleading use of URLs

8. Trolling

Trolling is defined as creating discord by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users and this kind of behavior is not allowed on NAGAX.

Policy Rationale

We believe that a healthy financial community is one where members constructively express their opinions and positions, openly argue and respectfully discuss. However, discord sewed with the aim of disrupting the community violates the purpose of a financial community looking to use collective knowledge constructively to enhance trading and investment initiatives.

You Cannot:

- You cannot inflict painful remarks or ridicule with the aim of humiliating another user, NAGAX employee or NAGAX at large

- You cannot deliberately provoke others in the community, including NAGAX representatives by saying inflammatory and offensive things

- You cannot spread hate speech or false information in an effort to incite rage toward the NAGAX brand, the NAGAX products, the NAGAX team or other users

9. Cybersecurity

At NAGAX we go to every length to ensure the safety of our ecosystem and community in terms of protecting our systems, networks and programs from any form of digital attack and ultimately protecting against the unlawful access to personal or sensitive information for unauthorized or malicious use of this information. Such abuse of our platforms and products is not allowed or tolerated

Policy Rationale

The safety of NAGAX users inextricably extends to the security of their personal information. At NAGAX we want to foster an environment that is authentic, open and above all safe; this environment is compromised and violated when deceptive or invasive methods are used in attempts to gather sensitive personal information.

You Cannot:

- You cannot attempt to access sensitive and/ or personal information with the purpose of unlawfully using it, changing it, or destroying it

- You cannot gain access to any account that is not yours or access any user data other than your own without authorization to do so

- You cannot compromise user accounts with the aim of extorting money from users

- You cannot compromise user accounts in an effort to interrupt NAGAX normal business processes.

- You cannot deceive users to download and run any kind of file or program that will compromise their data security (malware)

- You cannot acquire or request sensitive information such as login credentials, wallet address, phone number of other users by any means

10. False information and Manipulated Media

Reducing the spread of false news on NAGAX is a responsibility that we take seriously. In today’s digitally-enhanced world, media (image, audio, video), can easily be edited for harmless and benign purposes as in the case of parody or satire. In cases where changes to media render it false or manipulated with the underlying purpose being to mislead and deceive members of our community, then this is not permitted.

Policy Rationale

NAGAX is a serious financial community where real and proper news and insights are practically used and actioned. We encourage users to engage in public discourse and are not looking to stifle that; we will also allow users to freely express satire and opinion. However, we recognise that purposely manipulated and false information with the aim to deceive can result in material losses to clients and so we take this very seriously and try to limit this kind of community abuse.

You Cannot:

- You cannot publish posts that contain text or media that have been manipulated in wording or edited in any way on performance statistics in an effort to deceive users with regards to your real performance

- You cannot publish posts that contain text or media that have been purposely phrased or edited and synthesized with the purpose of misleading the average person to believe the subject and content to be true You cannot post media that appears authentic but is the product of synthetic media (i.e. deepfake).

11. Fraud and Deception

NAGAX removes any content that deliberately aims at deceiving people in order to gain an unfair advantage over them and deprive them of material or legal rights. We allow all users to bring these kinds of activities to our attention and raise awareness about it in the community as well as openly condemn these kinds of disruptive, harmful and fraudulent activities.

Policy Rationale

We believe that for any financial community to flourish, it is vital that the community remains free of fraud and any kind of deception. Fraud is intentional deception for personal or monetary gain. NAGAX is a place where people come to learn and invest, build their wealth and we will not allow anyone to mislead or deceive our users with the aim of gaining from them the very thing they have turned to the community to build and to protect.

You Cannot:

- You cannot knowingly provide, engage in, promote, encourage, facilitate or admit offering, soliciting and trading any kind of information which may be false, misleading or incomplete which has been illegally obtained.

- You cannot engage in any offenses such as, but not limited to, deception, bribery, forgery, extortion, corruption, theft, conspiracy, embezzlement, money laundering, misappropriation, false representation, concealment of material facts, and collusion.

- You cannot request and/or obtain and/or offer and/or sell personal and/or sensitive information which belongs to another individual.

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