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How to contact other users?
How to contact other users?

NAGAX is shaking up the way users communicate!

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Thanks to the Feed, communication has never been easier and more effective. Users can interact with members of the community, open discussions, express opinions on financial markets or learn new things.

If you would like to contact a user or just get someone's attention in a post/comment, you can do that using the tagging feature.

Tagging is an important part of NAGAX Feed, as it lets you dynamically link to someone else's profile. Essentially, tagging is an explicit mention of someone in a post which creates a link to the user's profile that anyone can click.

To tag someone in a text post or comment, type @ symbol and then begin typing a name. You’ll see a list of potential people you can mention. Select the user(s) you would like to reach out to and have the spotlight.

Learn, interact and participate in discussions with the ever-growing community of NAGAX!

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