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What is the difference between the NAGAX Wallet and NAGAX Exchange
What is the difference between the NAGAX Wallet and NAGAX Exchange
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Both the NAGAX Wallet and NAGAX Exchange are powerful features each user gains when signing up with NAGAX, but what exactly are these, and what is the difference?

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NAGAX Wallet: Your Crypto Storage Solution

The NAGAX Crypto Wallet is a complete secure currency wallet that ensures the safety of storing cryptocurrency in a user-friendly way. By signing up for NAGAX, traders automatically get access to their own NAGAX Crypto Wallet. The NAGAX Wallet enables holders to send, store, and receive crypto assets instantly.

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NAGAX Exchange: Your All-in-One Platform

The NAGAX Exchange is a premier trading platform that enables users to buy, sell and trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies easily on a lightning-fast engine. The Exchange is your portal to a world of digital trading in cryptocurrencies. Users can enter the Exchange and view assets in a minute, hourly, daily, and weekly chart. This feature also enables investors to carry out transactions and get in on the action of trading through buying and selling top crypto coins and tokens.

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NAGA Wallet vs. NAGAX Exchange

It is important to note that users can store hundreds of different types of cryptocurrencies in the Naga Wallet, even crypto assets that may not be offered on the NAGAX Exchange.

You can transfer your cryptos from the NAGA Exchange to your NAGA Crypto Wallet simply for storage and safekeeping. The NAGAX Exchange could also be a holder, but it is not a full crypto wallet.

Users have the option to trade on the NAGAX Exchange with outside third-party wallet providers such as MetaMask, etc. but it is suggested to use the NAGAX Wallet for the full NAGAX experience.

Where can I see my NAGAX Wallet?

To view your NAGAX Wallet simply log into your NAGAX account and select ‘Crypto Wallet’ on the menu to the left.

How can I access the NAGAX Exchange?

To view the NAGAX Exchange simply login to your NAGAX account and select ‘NAGA Exchange’ on the menu to the left.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and trading can result in the loss of your invested funds. Before investing you should be aware that cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for all investors. You should therefore carefully consider whether trading or holding digital assets is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and not invest money that you can not afford to lose.

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