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Getting started at NAGAX
Getting started at NAGAX

Learn what can you do after you register at NAGAX

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What are your next steps after registering at NAGAX?

After you create your account, your first steps to use NAGAX at full potential should be depositing funds that you would need to start trading.

🧑‍💻 Learn how to deposit funds here.

❗️Please make sure you use the right blockchain while depositing funds to NAGAX depending on the depositing assets.

After you've made your first deposit you will be able to start using NAGAX with full potential. Here are the most popular features our users try first:

🔵 NAGA Feed: follow the latest news and content from NAGAX traders. Try publishing your first posts and creating your first content or signal at NAGAX!

🔵 Trading 100+ available assets at NAGAX. Trade now

Technology requirements:

NAGAX is available on all Mobile and Web devices and most web browsers.

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